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Welcome to sigma online chatroom! A free online group chatroom where you can talk with strangers and people coming from every corner of the world! There is no registration required to join the group chatroom, just username. It is also possible to just observe the chat as a spectator. Enjoy an intuitive, modern looking, easy to use chatroom with lots of features expected from a modern app. No complicating user experience and tons of options such as gazillion of different "rooms" and distractions other chatroom applications offer. Click on the button below to enter the group chatroom!

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No registration


You can enter the chatroom and starting talking with other people online without any registration whatsoever!



The chatroom provides many functionalities that users can use to enhance the experience of chatting. Some of the features are image and youtube video sharing, profanity filter, tagging and many more.

Mobile friendly


The chatroom is very intuitive and easy to use! Application is optimized for a big variety of screen such as mobile screens, tablet screens, all kind of computer monitors and other. You can connect from any device you own, and enjoy the application without any UI problems.

Block profanity


The chatroom offers profanity filter, which will filter any negative terms or bad words which other participants may use to degrade the experience of chatting for everyone else that is connected to the app.

Global accessibility


The chatroom has global reach, meaning anyone may connect to the chatroom and start talking, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Sigma group chatroom

Sigma chatroom is a free and only truly registration-free, feature-rich online group chatroom created for people who want to make new connections, meet new people, find love or make new friendships. This free group chatroom does not require registration unlike many other available online chatrooms, you only need to provide username in order to start chatting. You can also just observe the group chatroom as a spectator and watch other people talk.

Users can join the chatroom by pressing any connect link, or by pressing key combination CTRL + I when on application page. Users can also just observe the chat and watch other people discuss about various subjects. You only need to provide your username in order to join the chatroom. Other fields like age, gender, country, a custom avatar and description about yourself are completely optional!

Always be careful when exchanging information online so that you do not expose any of your personal information to other stranger as they can use it to take advantage of you!

Online texting

Online texting is easily described as an act of using textual means to convey message to someone. What does that mean? It means using means such as written, or in this case, typed digital words to communicate with another person over the internet. People use chat sites like Sigma! Chat to chat with strangers that they find or meet online. It is well known that strangers are keen on joining chatroom sites and talk with other people if they are talkative, or like to meet new people. Which then means there is a high chance you will encounter a person with similar interests. People prefer talking with real human beings much more than bots and other automated systems, which have predefined responses to the words you say.

If you are a person that loves socializing and talking to people and meet new people online, then Sigma! Chatrooms are the right place for you! Here you will find strangers and people from all around the world gathered into one place, ready to meet and talk with others people such as yourself. Do not be mistaken that this is the site only for extroverted people. Online chatrooms are also very popular and safe way for people that are shy and insecure in real life! This way, they can interact and talk with other people without being exposed and keeping their anonimity, and maybe even meet someone similar to them, that feels the same.

Socializing during the pandemic

The pandemic caused global lockdowns, and people are no longer able to go outside and share experiences and socialize with other people. That is where Sigma chatroom comes in! It allows all the people to gather in one place, the chatroom, and keep talking and sharing ideas, or simply socializing with the safety from their homes. You do not need to be completely isolated from others, the technology today allows people to be connected in various ways: be it video chatting, text chatting, voice chatting and others. It is in human nature to socialize and talk with other people. Humans are a social beings.

How to start a conversation with stranger

- Tell a joke! Everyone likes jokes, and you might initiate jokes from someone else
- Ask for someone to listen to you if you have something important to say
- Bring up a subject that you believe is interesting to talk Absolutely
- Ask for comfort if you have been down lately

How NOT to start a conversation with stranger

- Ask for age, sex or location
- Start the chat by stating your gender, you are giving off an idea that u prefer talking to a certain gender only
- Insulting a person based on the race, skin color or any other characteristic
- Saying stupid nonsense in an attempt to get the attention of the person