Frequently asked questions

How do I enter the chat?

On the homepage, click on big blue button

How do I connect to the chatroom?

Once you navigated to the app page, click on connect link or press CTRL + I. A new dialog will pop up, prompting you for connection information. After you filled in the info, press on connect and you will join the chatroom.

Can I send youtube videos in chat?

Yes, chatroom allows for embedding youtube videos. Once you're logged in, in the bottom right corner click youtube icon, insert youtube link and click send.

Can I send images in chat?

Yes, chatroom supports sending images. Once you're logged in, in the bottom right corner click an image icon, insert image link and click send.

Can I delete or edit messages that I sent?

Yes, hover over the message you sent, and on the right top corner you will see options available for the message.

Can I send a DM to a particular user?

Yes, by writing the command like this: /w @username message. Make sure to click on the user list in order to tag the user you want to send PM to.

Can I tag users?

Yes, look in the online users list, and simply click on the user you wish to tag.

Can I block a user that's bothering me?

Yes, hover over the user in online users list, and click on the "Block username" link to block the user.

How can I stop profanity from being sent in the chat to me?

In chat options, you can turn on profanity filter.